Amblyopia "Lazy eye"

Loss of visual acuity not correctable by glasses

  • Facts:
    -Disruption of nrml development of vision not caused by organic disease
    usual causes: strabismic (>50%), refractive, occlusion(ie cataracts, corneal dx, ptosis)
    -Usually more than 2 snellen line diff btw 2 eyes.
  • History / PE:
    Asymptomatic for child
    Diagnosed in infancy or early childhood
  • Diagnosis:
    visual acuity testing of child
  • Treatment:
    patching of effected eye, tx of underlining cause (ex: muscle realignment, cataract removal)
  • Complications:
    tx before age 5, tx not helpful past age 10
  • Associated With:

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July 6th 2010