Kawasaki disease

Kawasaki diseaseKawasaki disease
  • Facts:
    Acute vasculitis of medium sized arteries
    Primarily affects young children (80% < 5yo)
    DIvided into acute, subacute, and chronic phases
  • Treatment:
    High dose ASA, continue low dose ASA for six weeks
    IVIG (to prevent aneurysms)
    Only use steroids in IVIG refractory cases
    Refer to pediatric cardiologist
  • Complications:
    Coronary artery aneurysms (if untreated)
  • Pneumonic:
    CRASH and BURN

    Strawberry tongue
    Hands and feet (red, swollen, flaky skin)

    BURN (fever > 40C for > 5 days)
  • Differential Diagnosis:
    Scarlet fever (shorter duration, rapid response to penicillin)

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August 2nd 2010