Bilar hilar adenopathySarcoidosisSarcoidosis
  • Facts:
    Restrictive lung disease
    Multisystem disease causing noncaseating granulomas
    MC in african american females
  • History / PE:
    Fever, cough, weight loss
    Erythema nodosum
    Hilar adenopathy
    Acute polyarthrits
    Anterior uveitis
  • Diagnosis:
    Bilateral hilar adenopathy and reticular opacities (CXR)
    Biopsy confirmation on noncaseating granulomas
    Elevated ACE and calcium levels
  • Treatment:
    Systemic steroids
  • Pneumonic:
    Feature of sarcoidosis "GRUELING"

    G ranulomas (noncaseating)
    aR thritis
    U veitis
    E rythema nodosum
    L ymphadenopathy
    I nterstitial fibrosis
    N egative TB test
    G ammaglobulinemia

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August 4th 2010