• Facts:
    Inflammation of the liver leading to liver cell injury and necrosis
  • Diagnosis:
    Increased ALT and AST
    Hepatitis serology
    Increased PT and serum transaminases
  • Notes:

    1) Hepatitis A
    2) Hepatitis B
    3) Hepatitis C
    4) Hepatitis D
    5) Hepatitis E
    6) Drug induced (ETOH, INH, methyldopa, tylenol)


    1) Hepatitis B
    2) Hepatitis C
    3) Hepatitis D
    4) Alcoholic hepatitis (mallory bodies)
    5) Autoimmune hepatitis
    6) Ischemic hepatitis
    7) WIlson's disease
    8) Hemochromatosis
    9) Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency
  • See Also:
    PT is the single most important test to assess liver functioning, because all clotting factors (except for VIII) are synthesized in liver

    Serum transaminases signal leakage from injured hepatocytes

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August 2nd 2010