Hepatitis B HBV

Hepatitis BHepatitis B
  • Facts:
    Transmitted by sexual contact and percutaneous transmission (eg. IV drug use)

    HBsAg and anti-HBc best screening tools for acute HBV
    Only positive anti-HBsAg (rest negative) signals prior vaccination
  • Diagnosis:
    Elevated ALT, AST (with ALT > AST)
    Increased bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase
  • Treatment:
    Interferon alpha, lamivudine (3TC) (acute HBV)
    Adefovir (chronic HBV)
    Transplant (fulminant hepatic failure-defined as hepatic encephalopathy that develops within 8 wks of acute liver failure)
  • Complications:
    Liver failure
    Hepatocellualr carcinoma
  • Notes:
    Serologic markers

    HBsAg (carrier state, first evidence of infection)
    HBsAb / anti-HBs (provides immunity)
    HBcAb (positive during window period; recent disease)
    **IgM anti-HBc (most specific marker for diagnosis)
    **IgG anti-HBc (signals recovery from disease)

    HBeAg (indicator of transmissibility, BE ware)
    HBeAb (indicator of low transmissibility)
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  • Associated With:
    Membranous glomerulonephritis (especially in children)
  • Risk Factors:
    Multiple sexual partners
    Health care workers

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August 5th 2010